Tokyo Isekai Fudousan (Light Novel)

Alt title: Tokyo Otherworldly Estate (Light Novel)

Vol: 3
2019 - 2020
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Tokyo Isekai Fudousan (Light Novel)

One day, gates to the other worlds began opening up all over the Earth. Many demihumans and monster came over from their own worlds, but many could not find residence due to their special characteristics. But, in a corner of Tokyo, there exists a real estate agent who specializes in finding housing for the otherworldly beings. The real estate agency “Ebisuya”. The boss, Gentarou was born in one of the other realms and was able to find the perfect residence for any demihuman with his rich experience. Be it a mermaid or an undead, just leave finding a house in Tokyo to “Ebisuya”!!

Source: Hobby Japan

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