Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou

Alt title: Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy

Vol: 2; Ch: 15
2006 - 2010
3.274 out of 5 from 150 votes
Rank #11,796
Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou

Arare knows she's a rain fairy - her mother is clearly not entirely human but on her first day of high school she definitely does not expect to enter the Otherworld. Nor does she expect her teacher to have a ridiculously long neck, or her classmates to be a variety of ogres, snow demons, cyclops, ghosts, mist, or the twin-tailed cat, Kiri, and long-tongued girl, Pero, who befriend her. Nor does she expect the veil between the worlds to close behind her, leaving her stranded in this school for girl monsters.

Source: MU

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Yakoz Jan 20, 2017
Score 4/10

Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou is a yuri where the protagonist has to attend a new school, not knowing that all the students, teacher included, are youkai and she's the only human. Be ready for some GL and comedy. Plus/minus consideration: STORY: the story is quite simple. A girl has to go to a school that is actually a Mononoke Girl's Academy, an all-girls school for youkai. As you might know from... read more

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LadyPsychic Jan 28, 2017
Score 6.8/10

Story This manga is about a human girl who accidently ends up in the yokai world at an All-Girls Yokai bording school.  She soon befriends a nekomatta and they eventually fall in love with each other, all while trying to keep her identity as a human a secret from the other yokai.  The plot is nothing spectacular, but if you like yuri and sexual humor, then you might get some enjoyment from it. ... read more



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