Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou

Alt title: Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy

Vol: 2; Ch: 15
2006 - 2010
3.4 out of 5 from 176 votes
Rank #16,560
Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou

Arare knows she's a rain fairy - her mother is clearly not entirely human but on her first day of high school she definitely does not expect to enter the Otherworld. Nor does she expect her teacher to have a ridiculously long neck, or her classmates to be a variety of ogres, snow demons, cyclops, ghosts, mist, or the twin-tailed cat, Kiri, and long-tongued girl, Pero, who befriend her. Nor does she expect the veil between the worlds to close behind her, leaving her stranded in this school for girl monsters.

Source: MU

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Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou is a yuri where the protagonist has to attend a new school, not knowing that all the students, teacher included, are youkai and she's the only human. Be ready for some GL and comedy. Plus/minus consideration: STORY: the story is quite simple. A girl has to go to a school that is actually a Mononoke Girl's Academy, an all-girls school for youkai. As you might know from japanese mythology, youkai devour humans, reason why initially the protagonist is scared she would be abused or even eaten. From that point, she decides to trust her roommates, opening the gates of GL. Considering this is supposed to be a GL romcom with "feels", I think this manga is disappointing and quite boring. There are a couple of scenes that made me laugh, but that's pretty much it. Mediocre to say the least. (--) ART: the first few chapters were really bad for my standards. A particular scene comes up in mind from ch1, when the main character finds another girl beautiful: I thought that girl was horrid to be honest.. And let's not talk about the "make up" scene. I didn't like the art style at all, even though I got used to it after one volume. (--) CHARACTERS: probably the best part of the manga; I like how the small portion of drama between the two main girls has been handled. My favorite character has to be the girl with an "indipendent" mouth in the nape: she made me laugh so hard (if you want to know why, just read the manga and pay attention to SFX). (+) Overall a mediocre manga. I would've liked more comedy and even the yuri scenes were so rare I was surprised. At least the ending and the main couple have been handled nicely. Unfortunately, this is something I wouldn't recommend nor reread if I had to choose.


Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou is a simple yuri ecchi about a high school girl transported to the youkai dimension when she accidentally steps through a portal. Trapped, she has to pretend to be a youkai transfer student at the local girls' boarding school. Unfortunately, to most youkai, humans are food and the subjects of rape, so she is always terrified of being found out. Fortunately, her roommates are benign, and she develops an attraction to one of them. Despite its dark setting, the manga is quite lighthearted. It's primarily an erotic comedy and has a few laugh out loud moments. Most of the characters are evil, but they're all likable. The threat of rape is sometimes used in a lighthearted manner, but not in a way that feels skeevy. On that note, I like that there is no seme/uke element to the romance despite a setting that would be perfect for it. It's entirely consensual, with both participants eagerly begining the romance. Lesbian readers might like the way the same-sex relationship is accepted easily, while the real conflict is the human/youkai aspect. One of the more interesting parts to me is the mythology incorporated into the manga. The author is obviously a fan of youkai folklore, and many kinds make appearances. Some of the jokes might fly over readers' heads if they lack background information on the folklore. The main problem with it is its story. It just kind of meanders. The romance potential is introduced early on, but then that soryline abruptly stops and doesn't continue for several chapters. Eventually, the author realized she needed to get back to the yuri, and it returns full force. There is a comedy/friendship side and a romance/drama side, but these are not well integrated. The author undertook the project without a plan, and it really shows. I also think it downplays the danger a bit too much. It deals with serious things. She could get eaten or raped, yet threats to her disguise that are major issues are frequently spun humorously. And then, suddenly, it's spun for drama. Ultimately, the main conflict of the story is resolved in a very silly way, and it feels like a cheap deus ex machina, especially considering some dangerous implications if one thinks about it. Overall, it's a fun read, but there isn't much substance to it and probably wouldn't be worth a second read.

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