To You in the Swamp

Ch: 31
2021 - 2022
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To You in the Swamp

Eun-woo, who is a quiet and timid personality, does not trust people because of the wounds he received from Seung-han, his unrequited love. He decided to return to school only after hearing the news that Seunghan had graduated, but he is still running around the school due to trauma. Jae-ho, a freshman who approaches him. Whenever Eun-woo sees Jae-ho, who is popular and handsome, he thinks of Seung-han and wants to keep his distance, but Jae-ho, who is interested in Eun-woo, keeps treating him kindly. Meanwhile, Seunghan was in a state of not being able to forget Eunwoo, and when he heard about Eunwoo from his friend, he went to find him...

Source: MU

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