To Take an Enemy's Heart

Alt title: Lueduo Diren De Xin

Vol: 9; Ch: 64
2013 - 2016
4.436 out of 5 from 320 votes
Rank #1,418
To Take an Enemy's Heart

After his clan is slaughtered by the ruthless Master Igen, young Kassan is brought back as a trophy slave to serve Igen’s twisted whims. Fellow slave Lanour is the only one who cares enough to risk their master’s wrath. But Kassan falls for Igen, not knowing this cruel man is the one who had his family killed years ago. Love is never simple, as Kassan will learn that his brother survived the massacre and is plotting vengeance upon Igen.

Source: TappyToon

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This historical yaoi is beautiful from the characters, costume designs, soap drama, to the copious sex scenes that is just plain magnifique *muah*.  LOVE TRANSCENDS HATE and Igen's long-held vindictive desire towards the Azukun clan only melts away after spending time with Kasan, one of the last two surviving Azukus (the other being his evilass brother). The two didn't start off well, there were literal stabbings, distrusts, and threats that arose between them. It made sense & all since they're both sworn enemies, this cycle of revenge began the day Kasan's father committed acts of unforgivable douchebaggery against Igen's family. Kasan just happened to be born to that shitty family hence he was subjected to endless scorns from Igen's clan and his father's victims. Igen came to love Kasan after his distrusts for him gets dispelled, the feeling were mutual plus Kasan was the one who confessed first which got Igen's vanity rolling lmao.  Igen has that typical seme demeanour like the pink top from the author's other work "good day to go crazy", regardless it's pleasing to watch him tease and fondle Kasan lol. Kasan on the other hand is uuuuhmm submissive, both in a good & bad way. He can push Igen out the door even before their relationship took off, refuse Caesar's poison coz of his will to survive, and grab a fucking dagger also yet still end up as a damsel for most parts 👏👏. For real tho, he ends up a hostage every time in the story it's kinda suffocating to watch him go thru all that... got whipped,  poisoned, got shot, what else lol... u go figure. Aside from his gullible disposition that's really all he's been used for, could benefit from lessons on how to be a badass uke from the likes of SiYeon (penthouse XXX) and MinHoon (the sweetest man). Nonetheless, their loving embrace is to die for. The tragic-induced, enemy-to-lovers type shit made this one of my fav yaoi so far.   

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