To Love Ru

Vol: 18; Ch: 162
2006 - 2009
3.91 out of 5 from 2,471 votes
Rank #6,990
To Love Ru

Rito was just an ordinary high school student, but that changed the day an alien princess named Lala appeared in his bath tub. Before he knows it, he's engaged to the most important woman in the universe and her jealous suitors are trying to kill him! When Lala decides to enroll at his school, Rito has to survive both attempts on his life and Lala's crazy inventions, and somehow find the time to confess to his real true love, Haruna.

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Story: Rito is just another school boy, rolls eyes, who happens to have a crush on a girl and every time he tries to confess he just fails. One day when Rito was at his home taking a bath, a girl pops in, or teleports, naked in the bathtub Rito is currently in. The girl's name is Lala and she's is an alien. Opinion(s): I'm not sure if it's just the fact I read this months ago or I had nothing to dislike about the story... I'm going with I read this months ago. Anyhow, let's begin with the fact that what I though would be important to the story was nothing more then an issue for 20 chapters or so, in total. The point I'm talking about is the whole fiance candidates. Only two of them ever show up to take Lala by force, which I find to make no sense because marrying Lala means you become the new emperor of a powerful empire. What alien wouldn't want that? Another major issue is that even I could predict what would happen page by page. It doesn't sound special but I'm not one to predict something in a story and have it turn out to be true. I began to predict almost every page, around chapters 60-70, and have been right. If you read it and have a keen eye, or isn't blind, then you could make the predictions too. Art: It is an ecchi manga, 'nough said, Characters: There's a genius, a strict/by the book chick, a regular girl, a weird looking dog, a ghost, aliens, alien/straight out of terminator 2 assassin, and Rito the guy who just seems like a push over. Judging by what I said above none of the characters were anything special, though this is an ecchi so does it even matter? Overall:  Pretty much a meh for me. Repetitive, constant epic-shaded-eye close ups, and ecchi scenes that really aren't needed. If your looking for fan service, cross gender sneezes, or want to look like a psychic then begin reading on the next tab. Only 162 Chapters. Don't forget to read To Love Ru Darkness if you read this. -JC                

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