Timeless Melody

Ch: 36
2019 - 2020
4.63 out of 5 from 72 votes
Rank #117
Timeless Melody

Against all odds, Jeon Byunghoon, the son of Korean immigrants, became a successful singer in 1960s America. Now on his deathbed, he reminisces on the hardships he went through, and how he met his greatest supporter and first love: Yoon Minseok, his old duet partner who shared his spotlight during the earliest part of his career.

Source: Tapas

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AAAAHHHHH THIS SHIT IS GOOD. PICK THIS UP ASAP AND MAKE URSELF CRY. Ok, now for the real review. Story : Omg im not the type to be emotional, but this story rlly made me feel emotional, its just that amazing. At the start, most of the pov is from byunghoon and it slowly switches to minseok and the transition is just so smooth!! Love how they smoothly transitions the pov, and made us feel rlly connected w the characters bcs of the pov. And another thing that i must appreciate is their research. The songs, society, buildings, everything. I rlly just fell in love w it. They did a really good research on the settings, which is the 1960s. It's pretty hard to find a story that sets in 1960s so im amazed by that. And then the songs, THEY ADDED REAL SONGS. Omg im just mindblown by that fact, and i immediately plays it everytime i see anew song in the manhwa, and dayum it makes me feel more emotional. For the most part all i can see is the story is just so amazing, the plot is nice and the meaning bhind the story is just so precious. And if i have to nitpick, my only prob is sometimes the story is feel kinda rushed;;; well i kinda expected it by seeing the total chapters.. Art : The art. Is. Good!!! The anatomy especially, i cant find any wrong w it. The expressions are so on point. And the buildings in the background are detailed too!! And honestly i immediately fell in love w this manhwa bcs of the details... For example, u can see the radio changed in the first chapter (ig?) Character : THEY'RE JUST SO LOVEABLE. AND MEMORABLE TOO!!! They feel like a real person, w their own way of thinking and their own way of taking actions. And the chemistry between main CP is so good too! They influenced each other in their own way, and their feelings fortunately doesnt feel too rushed and slowly grows. And amazingly, i can see the reason behind each of their actions, which shows how much thought are put into the characters here. But sadly i hv a prob w the side characters... Even tho most of them are so loveable, they are easily forgettable and after their part is done, they'll be gone. I hope there would be more exposure of ol' pauls' coworkers in the next season ;") Should you read this? YESSSS!!! Its kinda an angst, but imo not really. It doesnt hurt as much as "10 years" but it still makes ppl feel emotional. This story is just so well-made that im sure ppl will find this read worth their time. And for a shoai manhwa, it picks up a theme thats usually not in most manhwas of the same genre, and makes it so unique. Definitely a must read!!!

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