Time of EVE: Another Act (Light Novel)

Alt title: Eve no Jikan: Another Act (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Time of EVE: Another Act (Light Novel)

Time of EVE: Another Act explores wrenching emotional conflicts of high schooler Rikuo as he tries to make sense of a world in which androids match humans in terms of intelligence and emotions, and yet they are barred from forming relationships with humans. A mysterious strand of data in the activity log of Sammy, his family's android, leads Rikuo and his pal Masaki to a cafe called "Time of EVE," which blatantly challenges social mores by requiring that humans and androids be treated equally. Initially suspicious of the cafe, Rikuo and Masaki soon become regulars as they are charmed by the charismatic proprietress Nagi and get to know the other patrons. In this new environment, Rikuo comes to see to that androids are different from, but not inferior to, humans. And, he is challenged to confront a traumatic experience from his past...

Source: Pied Piper

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