Time Letter

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Time Letter

A young girl asks a mailman who's able to traverse space-time to deliver a letter to herself 10 years in the future, but he didn't anticipate what he'd find there...

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We all knew what was going to happen, right? I mean, the synopsis plus the Suicide warning tag just laid out the entire plotline for us, right? Plus it's only seven pages long, so it's not as though all that much can happen anyway. The biggest problem is that this isn't actually a well-thought out sequence of events, timeline-wise. Specifically, the note left for the mailman fucks things up. Because it makes clear that the girl remembered that the mailman was supposed to meet with fem. So we have to interpret events in one of two ways. Either 1) the girl was intending to commit suicide for unrelated reasons, or 2) the girl realized that fe hadn't received a reply because feir future self was dead and thus felt pressured to commit suicide before encountering the mailman in order to maintain the timeline. Option #1 feels strange since the girl would be intentionally choosing to commit suicide in a place and time that fe knows will lead to the mailman seeing feir body, but that seems like a cruel and hurtful thing to do to that mailman (and feels at odds with the nice words within the note). And option #2 also feels strange given the choice of words within the note--namely, the seeming lack of awareness of the mailman having encountered feir corpse (like with the way fe says "sorry for breaking our promise" without adding something like "but you knew I wouldn't keep it, didn't you?" or something like that). It's also strange that the younger version of the girl didn't send a second letter in the hopes of getting another reply.

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