Till Our Lips Touch

Ch: 52
2018 - 2019
4.17 out of 5 from 222 votes
Rank #2,994
Till Our Lips Touch

Sebastian Jung was the hottest teacher, that is, until Isaac Han arrived. Tall, intelligent, and beautifully brooding, Isaac has it all and Sebastian knows this all too well. In the past, they had shared a sultry after school romance. Now, Isaac is back. Can Sebastian resist falling for Isaac again or will his lips yearn for his touch?

Source: Tapas

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I really liked this story It was something that I started to read over and over not realized that I had started this already until I got deep into the story again. I feel a big turn off could be that this story is kinda like crowded in mystery. Everything is purpofully kept from you to keep you reading. I found this extcitng and I loved it. Slowly figuring it out and wondering if it matched with what I had thought. I felt like I was a dectetive. The characters are amazing I feel like there fun and their reasons make sense I was more of a fan of sebastion than I was of Izzy I love him alot though. I just felt like Izzy at first felt so random I couldn't understand his reaons that much and how he didn't know who sebastion sister was when they knew each other before. It just seems like a no brainer. But seeing how Izzy is with his brother gives me life. I wish it wasn't exactly this way though as his brother does cause most of the issues with their realtionship and because of that I did hate him for a bit. But even he gets redeamed or rather not redeamed but his reasons are really human and makes a lot of sense when you get the back story of him and Izzy. Sebastion my fave. I love the fact that he was bullied when he was younger. When I say love I don't mean like bullying is great or anything. I just really like how that story line falls into how he meet Izzy brother and eventually how he meet Izzy. The one thing I would add is that it would have made sense if he becamse kinda anorexic when they started dating. Out of context this sounds werid. So for a quick spoiler on Sebastion bullying: Sebastion was overwight when he was younger and was bullied harshly for that. he got fit and switched schools. Later on in the story he keeps mentioning that he and Izzy eat out eveynight that he would get fat. This was said too many times for it to no be engraved in my brain. The biggest thing that lead me to think this was when he just refused to eat lunch. Normally this is a sign of something wrong but everything was fine. A problem did arise later but at that moment he had no reason to not eat unless he was doing so thinking that they would go out again, Thus wanting a 'better' way of making sure he doesn't gain a lot of weight again. This wasn't done but I really wished it was. Once the bullying arc was over that was pretty much it for Sebastion character development. He does get some add ons but nothing really big. Last note about sebastion is that I found it really funny how he defy the normally odds I tend to see uke fall into it was just a trip. I love them all.  Overall: I really like this story and every character introduced seemed fun and lively and I just couldn't get enough of it I like how strong yet soft Sebastion is and how tough Izzy is and how he acts. They are both so adorbale and I know some of the things that happen can be read or seen as annoying but I really enjoyed every second I spend reading this story. 

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