Tied Up In Twins

Ch: 53
2017 - 2018
3.942 out of 5 from 931 votes
Rank #5,747
Tied Up In Twins

Sarang loves Jinwoo, Jinwoo loves Woojung, and Woojung loves… you get the idea. But after a mix-up of affections and tangled signals, can they find a happy ending stuck between love and friendship, or will even family bonds be lost in heartache? 

Source: TappyToon

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To sum up this manhwa in one word.. it's.. ✨dramas✨ Story : Wow, in a few chapters in the start, u can say that the author really has a talent to make a super complicated drama lol. Ngl, i'm a bit overwhelmed too at the start HAHAH. But dont worry too much bcs of  the complicated relationships, the only relationships u need to focus on is between the twins and jinwoo 😌. The plot is quite good but tbh too much dramas can be a turn off.... AND PLS, I NEED MORE OF THIS MANHWA ;-;  Art : The art is beautiful! I really love how the artist drew their expressions, it's so cute ;-;. The coloring is pretty nice, but i must say that it's pretty simple. But i dont really like the clothes choices.. i know i'm being too picky w this, but their clothes... I JUST NEED TO SEE THEM WEAR A DIFFERENT STYLE OF CLOTHES. Characters : Tbh the main characters' personality is just.. well, normal. They're just your normal characters with a "set personality". But they're pretty likeable tho, and by the end of the story I JUST KEEP WANTING TO SEE THEM MORE. I like sarang, he's soooo cute ;-; and he has a reason to act like he does bcs his low self-esteem. But the provlem is jinwoo.. oh my dear jinwoo... sometimes i wonder why his actions dont really match his personality, but oh well- oh! I quite like woojung too, his character is quite complicated but well- all i can say is im pretty satisfied by his character.... As for that pink girl and glasses guy.. i wont talk abt them bcs IM JUST REALLY MAD AT THEM. Usually im not happy if some characters just leave the scene and wont appear again if they finished their part.. BUT BOY OH BOY, IM GLAD THEY DID. Should you read this? Well, this manhwa is quite good. And tbh i'll only just recommend this if u're searching for some ✨dramas✨ bcs well, i said it.. it's so full of dramas, up to the point im pretty sure i wont search for any drama for a while...

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