Thousand Sword Techniques

Alt title: Cheongeomgihyeop

Ch: 33+
2022 - ?
4.366 out of 5 from 279 votes
Rank #2,358
Thousand Sword Techniques

There are people in the world that thinks they are the ‘chosen’ of the heavens. It’s been decades since chaos and strife among heroes ensued because of those people. A certain disciple who has six masters has been entrusted with the fate of the central plains. “If you guys are the heavens, then I’m the sword that’ll pierce the heavens.” That was what he’d resolved to do… No one mentioned he was a fatty, though! In any case, now that he’s here, he’ll need to save the… world… Damn it, lose some weight first.

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TLDR: Cliche story you've read before with bottom barrel characters, pretty forced humor, but with amazing art. In 20 chapters, I literally despise the MC and no one else really gets enough screentime to matter or have too generic and one note of a personality. There is also a fair bit of rewarding awful deicision making with absolutely zero consequence. MC has been trained by a bunch of super masters to be sent back in time to save the world. The problem is because he was too young when the world was seemingly conquered by the minion of chaos, it leads him to take his mission very lightly. He is arrogant, naive, greedy, and has no real redeeming qualites as a character. He has three goals upon returning. Regain his strength, stop the villain from getting key items/winning important battles, and finding and training his future masters so they can better fight the villain. While he does try and regain his strength quickly, he is omega fat when he reincarnates as a different person. He needs spirit medicines to gain strength unlike normal people and despite his new family being very very rich and influential, while also doting on him heavily, he seemingly takes next to zero advantage of this opportunity to ask or get even mid level spirit medicines to gain strength quickly. He finds one of his former masters early and more bullies and acts haughty to him instead of helping him simply because his future master who he has met would beat the ever loving sh*t out of him to train him faster as they only had a finite amount of time to all train the MC. So he is already going against one of his original goals and working against helping the future. Then after losing weight he goes to steal the virgin ginseng, which was the starting point of the villains rise to power. He then proceeds to get distracted with saving some innocents from mountain bandits. It's literally 2 of them, a woman and girl. Yea there are others, but they are going to be sold off so they are in no immediate danger, he could get the ginseng and come back for them (he ends up going back and killing all the bandits after he gets the ginseng anyway so what was the point of all this stupid risk?). Even those two are not in danger of death. He rolls the dice to save them, despite admitting he can't handle fighting the whole fortress of bandits, or it's multiple martial artists. Still, he risks the entire future and all his masters effort for a few innocents in front of him. Even while all this is happening and we know the villain is on his way to get the ginseng, the MC barely escapes the bandits and magically appears at the hidden ginseng after falling off a cliff to escape. He gets it and slows the villain with no consequence to his god awful actions and decision making of risking potentially thousands to tens of thousands of lives if the villain got the ginseng and preoceeded to conquer the outer towns as he did in the previous timeline. With this, chapter 20 ends and I drop this. 

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