Thousand Miles of Bright Moonlight (Novel)

Ch: 201
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Thousand Miles of Bright Moonlight (Novel)

Yaoying transmigrated into a novel. In the chaotic and troubled times, many nations were at war. Her father happened to be the most powerful of those vying for supremacy, her brother turning out to be the male lead that finally dominated the Central Plains. As the male lead’s younger sister, Yaoying was ready to accept this benefit that came without her having to lift a finger. But it turned out that the male lead hated her to the bone, going as far as to have her marry the sixty-year-old grassland tribal chief in place of the female lead. Yaoying was forced to marry. Wolves in front, tigers in the back and beasts surrounding her, all coveting the lovely-as-a-flower Chinese princess.

Source: NU

Includes 11 extra chapters. 

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