This Villain Emperor's Gotta Charm the Male Lead to Survive!

Alt titles: Chuan Yue Cheng Fan Pai Yao Ru He Huo Ming, To Be or Not to Be

Ch: 108+
2019 - ?
4.578 out of 5 from 347 votes
Rank #298
This Villain Emperor's Gotta Charm the Male Lead to Survive!

Yuan Xiao already died once, and now he’s about to do it again. He's been transported from his life as a domineering CEO with a taste for internet novels to the realm of his favorite story. Yuan wakes up as the villainous ruler of the Northern Empire, and he knows exactly who’s going to kill him, the male lead Heqing Yan! This brave prince has already vowed deadly revenge after being conquered. Yuan knows he must change the story’s plot to survive, but damn, did the hero always look that good?

Source: Tapas

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I had this series in my PTR list for ages. However, I couldn't find it on any of the main sites I read on. Low and behold one of my backup sites, that I NEVER go on btw, had it on the recently updated list. I snapped onto it so fast I made myself a little dizzy lol. While the series had an iffy first two or three chapters, it got soooo much better and I got hooked right after that! Our MC was a company president/CEO who transmigrated into a story he'd read, right into the body of the villain emperor who... hilariously, is a very lustful gay teen with a harem of around 3000 men! x'D Our MC is Xiao Yuan while our other ML is Yan HeQing who is the hostage prince of the southern empire (the emperor Xiao Yuan possessed is over the northern empire). In the novel Yan HeQing ends up killing the emperor and marrying the emperor's sister the princess (before she offs herself after her brother dies and then he forms a harem of women after her death). So Xiao Yuan is determined to get on the prince's good side and try and set him up with his sister and... the prince ends up becoming interested in the emperor instead! Though, the misunderstandings from the dumbasses of the palace will make you repeatedly facepalm. It's like a soap opera in ancient China! x'D  However, it doesn't stay light hearted. It WILL break your heart and make you cry! In the 40-ish chapter range is when things get real and several times from then on I sobbed like a little b**ch! T^T I'm hoping for a happy ending, but before we hopefully get there, we have some heartbreak tossed in. This story may start off slow, but it gets addictive and right now it's definitely one of my absolute favorites! There are 66 translated chapters at the writing of this review. Be aware that like most MC's Yuan is an oblivious idiot! Like, he's trying so hard to keep to the story that he doesn't realize that it's already gone sideways and backwards because HeQing loves him and no other! HeQing has it BAD! And Yuan keeps accidentally stepping on his heart and it's breaking mine! T^T Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend this one! It's beautiful! T^T I want to go read the webnovel soon, and comfort myself from Yuan's most recent f**k up with HeQing and his misunderstandings and breaking the poor man's heart! T^T Below you'll find a few scenes in the manhua between HeQing and Yuan. The dark haired pretty looking one is Yuan, the blue haired one is HeQing...

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