This Sword Deity Refuses to Be a Freeloader

Alt titles: Ben Jian Xian Jue Bu Chi Ruan Fan, Sword King In A Women's World

Ch: 381
2019 - 2023
3.465 out of 5 from 1,087 votes
Rank #30,160
This Sword Deity Refuses to Be a Freeloader

The very first thing I saw when I woke up from reincarnation was this barely dressed sexy lady, with a cigarette between her fingers, who asked me to be her “favorite concubine”! As a grandmaster from the world of cultivation, how can I allow myself to indulge in female temptation? Just watch me play my cards right and forge my own path in this matriarchal world!

Source: Bilibili Comics

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I read this up till chapter 80, and I have no idea why I stuck with it for this long... it's pretty shit tbh. Story Chu Qin, a martial artist of over 300 years old tries to go to some kind of heavenly realm but instead ends up turning back time on his body and entering another world, turning him into his 17-year old self in a world where women are physically stronger than men, openly chase after men, and do other things that are currently linked to male stereotypes. It's quite a pity that we don't get more of the story of Chu Qin's journey before he ended up in this alternate earth, because what we get is quite lame. While the idea of the gender reversed world is interesting (because how would someone who is used to our world react to that?), the execution is just really bad. Some problems I have with it ((non-exhaustive list):  - the gender discrimination is way overdone, to the point that apparently men don't typically go to college, and absolutely never go to a decent university if they actually do go. As the reverse is obviously also very normal in our world.  - In this world, women chase after men. Which apparently includes that they challenge men to games/fights/sports/whatever and force them to date the woman if they lose. As the reverse is obviously also very normal in our world.  - Any girl who talks to our MC for 5 minutes, instantly falls in love and turns into a shy girl like you'd see in any other harem comic... Other problems I have with this manhua include lame dialogue (sadly all too prevalent among these low-effort Chinese comics), boring fights and practically every character being part of an important/rich family (which is immediately the only important trait you'll ever need to remember for any of them). Chu Qin is also a very annoying hypocritical character. One part about the "gender role reversal" idea that was actually handled well was the explanation: the idea of "cultivation" being different for men and women is actually quite interesting. Art Full colour but nothing special. The artist seems only capable of drawing cute girls to a decent degree, but everything else (including battles) looks meh. Overall I have no idea why I read so much of this manhua. Just skip it, there is definitely a ton of better stuff out there.

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