This Girl is a Little Wild

Ch: 40+
2018 - ?
4.515 out of 5 from 111 votes
Rank #156
This Girl is a Little Wild

In a battle with the Demon King, the captain of the Holy Knights got his soul trapped within a weak girl's body. Upon waking up, the captain finds out that the girl is in danger. In order to protect himself, he decides to head to the church to prove his identity, but to his surprise, he meets the blah blah blah blah captain of something, and became his fiancee.

Source: MU

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DorothyGale123 May 5, 2019
Score 8.7/10

The synopsis for this manga seems to be translated incorrectly, as the main character was always a woman. She just used to be mistaken for a man because she was tall and handsome.  As for the story, I really like it! Not only is there some interesting mystery around Sila/Roel's new family, the Demon King shows a lot of personality in the first chapter and there also seems to be more to him than... read more


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