This Confident Virgin is Weak to Sex!

Alt title: Tsuyoki na Doutei wa Ecchi ni Yowai!

Ch: 7
2021 - 2022
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This Confident Virgin is Weak to Sex!

"Rather, he probably sucks at sex." I never thought this one comment would lead to such things... Retsu is a college student who loves fashion and dressing up in style. When talking about the popular model "Sho" with his friends, he ends up saying that Sho probably sucks at sex. But then Sho himself had overheard the conversation... He takes and locks Retsu into a room and asks him, "Wanna test if I really suck at it or not?"... Receiving a tongue-intertwining kiss from the extremely good-looking Sho and getting his privates teased... The pleasure of getting touched by someone else makes Retsu dizzy... This is a modern, erotic love story of a sweet, sadistic, and beautiful model paired with a confident virgin who's weak to sex...!!

Source: Renta!

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