They Say I'm Broke

Alt titles: I Hear I'm Poor, Ting Shuo Wo Hen Qiong

Ch: 113+
2020 - ?
4.131 out of 5 from 129 votes
Rank #1,413
They Say I'm Broke

The distant but pure CEO precision-bombed startup singer Yu Nian on Weibo, but months later this so called no.1 hater announced that they are in love? Haters: wtf?

Source: Bilibili Comics

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Chapter 1

They aren't just rumors, I really am broke

Chapter 2

Is the director actually shy?!

Chapter 3

Fake? Fake? All fake?

Chapter 4

You Have Talent But You Still Need To Work Hard

Chapter 5

It’s This Voice

Chapter 6

We Exchanged Names!

Chapter 7

Roses Are Beautiful!

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