They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter - Part 2

Alt title: Wangui Ttallo Taeeonatdago Hamnida - Part 2

Ch: 50
2017 - 2018
4.004 out of 5 from 1,522 votes
Rank #3,728
They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter - Part 2

Second season of They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter.

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The novelty of such an absurdly misogynistic society is starting to wear off a little, though they're still milking some humorous moments from having subordinates and others interpret the protective actions of Sanghee's family as having ulterior, political motives 'cause they just can't process the idea of anyone valuing a woman in any way. This season covers Sanghee's time in the Institute of Magic and introduces a couple new characters. The most important ones being Dongsoo, William, Chris, and Joohyung. William is the primary antagonist, a classmate harassing and threatening Sanghee a couple times. The Royal Scumbag's response to fem is pretty funny. Dongsoo, another classmate, initially starts out as a mini-antagonist, but slowly starts gaining an appreciation for fem. Chris is an oddball. Fe comes from Baekjae, a country where women are actually treated with respect, and fe falls in love with Sanghee and treats fem with kindness and devotion. And finally Joohyung is a knight from Koryo who is acting as Sanghee's guard, while invisible. It's cute seeing fem slowly start seeing Sanghee as cute--a view that is seen as crazy in this world. We also see Sanghee interacting a lot with Freesia and Hwanseong. As well as Jinsu, of course. I still don't care for the Jinsu-Jinsu connection, nor do I like how central it is in the trajectory of the manhwa. The duality of feir personality. There could've been an interesting romance story set within this world, but this is not that. Honestly, this story might've actually been strongest with little or no romantic elements, with Sanghee just using blatant flattery and self-degradation to soften up the men around fem. The art is still just as ugly as the first season. To the point that it's almost comical when they describe these clearly unattractively drawn boys as eye-candy. It should also be mentioned that this world has problems beyond just its disparate treatment of the sexes. We see a few instances of how justice is carried out, with the disciplinary committees and stuff, and it relies far more on posturing and threatening others with your reputation and power than on any principle-based system of accountability. Obviously, no system is perfect. And the powerful will always find ways to abuse that power. But this story basically revels in that abuse of power, and doesn't even hint at reformation movements that would almost inevitably crop up in such abusive systems.

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