There's No Way This Is Fate

Alt title: Konna no Unmei Janai Kara Kanchigai Shinaide

Vol: 1; Ch: 10
2018 - 2019
3.813 out of 5 from 665 votes
Rank #11,816
There's No Way This Is Fate

Yuuzen, Kouetsu, and Ginga have been best friends since preschool, and they're at the top of the pecking order at a prestigious academy for only the most elite alphas. With their good looks, money, and academic prowess, they enjoy life on easy mode... at least, until one day, Yuuzen displays symptoms of being an omega! Unable to resist Yuuzen's pheromones despite the medicine they take, Kouetsu and Ginga give in to their instincts. Taking turns, they force themselves upon a confused and ecstatic Yuuzen...

Source: Renta

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I usually avoid omegaverse like the plague, because it mostly strikes me as writers inventing Gender Roles++ and therefore gross, but I'm making a list of polyamory works that actually depict poly relationships (as opposed to just threesome sex), so I needed to read some of this to work out if it counted. Regret set in almost immediately. I can't say it's the worst omegaverse story I've ever read, in that it doesn't need a 13-page primer on wolf pornography to get started, but I'm with that other reviewer on the 'should've been alpha/alpha/alpha' point. That would probably have been more interesting, to be honest. Plots that hinge on 'and they were secretly an omega!' feel so common as to be cliche, and I've barely even touched this genre.Mostly it felt intensely tropey, with a focus on goofy comedy, but like a lot of BL it would suddenly slide sideways into deeply fucked up, troubling territory without any particular change in the tone, like where Kou tells Yuu he 'won't be able to hold back' if Yuu wears boyshorts to answer the door. Like, if this is meant to be a comedy we don't take seriously, can we stop letting BL get away with echoing those chuds who say shit like 'she was asking for it, wearing that skirt', please? Especially when you're portraying gay men as predators in doing so? Thanks.Anyway, the characters are okay, and their interactions are sometimes cute/funny, but they spend most of their time obsessing over sex, which makes them come off as more than a little vapid. More scenes like these three idiots trying to cook and less uncontrollably possessive YOU ARE MINE LITTLE MEOW MEOW shit would have been nice, but I guess this is probably why I don't get on with omegaverse works in the first place. The creepy, leering, possessive and often rapey stuff is the main selling point, as far as I can tell, and... well, whatever you're into, I guess.(As an aside, it's okay to enjoy dark romance because you're into primal play, but please, can we call it that, and treat it as the kink it is, rather than 'just how guys are'? I get that it's sorta invisible because 'virile hunter stalking his helpless prey' is part of what a lot of people find hot about the idea of men, but that just means the kink is really common. Like liking boobs.)Apart from the above, the thing I genuinely have a bone to pick with is the art. There's an aggressive level of sameface going on, and the men have maybe four different expressions, which is one more than Under the Greenlight but still really bad. Literally the only way I could tell the three members of our polycule apart was by their hair color, and when another dark haired guy showed up in chapter 5, I was like... 'huh, you mean he's not Kou? :O' and got very confused for a second. It's just overall a really ugly, stiffly-drawn manga to look at, regardless of the writing quality or whether I like the genres.Probably a decent pick if you specifically wanted an omegaverse polyamory story, but only by dint of that being a vanishingly rare combination. Oh, and if I'm wrong on that and there's a bunch of secret ABO poly stories hiding out there somewhere, please be a dear and link me some of them so I can compare :)

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