There Must Be Happy Endings (Novel)

Ch: 101
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There Must Be Happy Endings (Novel)

Yeonu and Seonjae seem like a happily married couple, but in reality, their joyful newlywed home is colder than a blizzard. Sleeping on opposite sides of the house, Yeonu is counting the days until she's free from their two-year marriage contract. But when the day of their divorce finally arrives, Yeonu has no time to savor her freedom—because Seonjae is killed in a freak accident right before her eyes. Shocked to her core, Yeonu now regrets the time they wasted being cold and distant toward each other. In a strange twist of fate, the universe turns back the clock and gives her a chance to make things right. Yeonu wakes up to find Seonjae alive and well on the other side of her door. She can't let him die, but the only way to save him is to get him to love her. Can Yeonju save Seonjae—and their marriage—and change their tragic fate into a happy ending?

Source: Yonder

Includes 6 extra chapters.

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