The Worn and Torn Newbie - Custom lists

Alt title: Dalko Dareun Newbie

The Worn and Torn Newbie
  • A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
  • Doom Breaker
  • The Swordmaster's Son
  • The Beginning After the End
  • Tales of Demons and Gods

Go back in Time / Rebirth / Second Chance in Action Genre by GoldenFury

Stories about The Main Character Getting a Second Chance with his Knowledge he starts anew.

  • The World After the Fall
  • The Gamer
  • Nano Machine
  • Omniscient Reader
  • Solo Leveling

Best Game System / RPG Interface Manhwa and Manhua by GoldenFury

This is about manhwa / manhua that has a system an interface like system. This is the order in which I personally rate them.

  • 100% Subdued
  • 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage
  • 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage (Novel)
  • 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess
  • 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess (Novel)

Another Chance in a Different World Manga by Bloom19

To Get Run Over by Truck-kun Is Just Every Persons Biggest Dream! Afterlife, Awakening, Isekai, Lifestyle Change, Otome Game, Past Memories, Person in a Strange World, Reincarnation, Reverse Isekai, Second Chance, Summoned Into...

  • After Signing in for 30 Days, I Can Annihilate Stars
  • Ability Stealing Hunter
  • A Beginner with the Mightiest Account
  • 2-shuume Boukensha wa Kakushi Class (Juuryokutsukai) de Saikyou wo Mezasu
  • +99 Reinforced Wooden Stick

System Based Webtoon by Alex2701

This list contains Manhwa and Manhua where the MC’s have Game-, Level- or Evolution-like Displays. This includes reincarnated, summoned or VR Game MC‘s.

  • Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King
  • How to Live as a Villain
  • Gourmet Gaming
  • FFF-Class Trashero
  • Dungeon Reset

Action Game-Like Manhwa with a Male Protagonist (No Oneshots) by Kristantine

These stories include a male protagonist in a setting where game-elements exist, (such as game pop ups, leveling up, RPG aspects basically.) If you like stories such as “Solo Leveling”, “Omniscient Reader’s Point of View...

  • @puppy_love
  • 100 Days in Europe
  • 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess
  • 8th Circle Mage Reborn
  • 1 Plus 1 (Soru)

Official English on Tapas by emerjas

This is a complete list of every manhwa, manhua and OEL webtoon/comic officially, legally either published or translated and released in English on Tapas's website. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully released in...