The Worn and Torn Newbie

Alt title: Dalko Dareun Newbie

Ch: 183+
2020 - ?
3.989 out of 5 from 1,825 votes
Rank #4,216
The Worn and Torn Newbie

After learning 15 miserable years of his life as a failed gamer was one long nightmare, Lee Eojin is glad to be a newbie again. Vowing not to repeat the same mistakes, Eojin starts anew as the hotshot, Old-timer. He’s conquering monsters, getting sweet gear, and making enough dough to set himself up for life. Loved by fans and hated by foes, both old and new, will Eojin break the game and triumph, or will the game break him once again?

Source: Tapas

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After wasting 15 years of time and money on the VRMMORPG game Deus X Machina our MC finds himself in debt to a loan shark and fearing what will become of him if he's not able to pay off the money he owes. He purchases a sword and tries to level the sword up. His goal was to get it up to +7 to pay off his debts by putting it up for auction after he raised the swords stats. But greed sets in and he tries for more only for the sword to be destroyed. Shocked and horrified he angrily thinks of all the time and money he'd put into the game and the relationships he'd sacrificed over the time he'd spend gaming. But then... he wakes up 15 years in the past. When the game is just in it's very beginning stages. He'd put so much time and effort into it and now he knows where so many secret dungeons and hidden bosses are that he decides he's going to take everything for himself and get back everything he'd put into the game and then some. I wasn't impressed with the manhwa the first couple of chapters and even considered dropping it, however, it did get better, and I found myself pulled in and getting invested. One of the more hilarious things about the series, at least imo, is the fact that our MC spends so much of his time in the game running around in the buff! x'D The comment section of the site I read on had me in tears from laughter about how they thought the author was a perv and enjoyed drawing the MC like that! Other comments had me holding my stomach with laughter about how the author should give the MC underwear at the very LEAST! x'D Now while this series isn't anything remarkably special, it's still an entertaining read and so far it's been getting better the farther I get. He's such a scummy MC, but I still root for him all the same! x'D So, if you enjoy reading series based around a character playing games for profit and wreaking havoc everywhere he goes in game then you may very well enjoy this series. If that's not your taste, then feel free to give this series a pass.

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