The World is Full of Monsters, So I Want to Live as I Wish

Alt title: Monster ga Afureru Sekai ni Natta no de, Suki ni Ikitai to Omoimasu

Vol: 10+; Ch: 44+
2018 - ?
3.985 out of 5 from 815 votes
Rank #4,230
The World is Full of Monsters, So I Want to Live as I Wish

"You have acquired experience points. Kudo Kazuto has risen to Level 1," echoes through Kazuto's mind after he runs over a mysterious dog on his way home from work. The next morning, he awakens to a changed world, full of vicious monsters. The world now features a game-like system of levels and skills, alongside danger at every turn. Will Kazuto be able to survive by leveling up and taking advantage of the special skill he acquired the previous night? His survival adventure begins now!

Source: MANGA UP!

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***Spoiler****: The character introduced in the first chapter does not die off shortly after this manga starts. You read that right, that loser, pathetic character is the MC, the whole manga primarily focuses on him. I know, it sucks, but that’s just how it is. Maybe around chp 20 he’ll get eaten and we can focus on a much better character, like maybe on of the washing machines he constantly uses as his primary weapon. Fingers crossed.  Continuing on, this manga should be titled “I throw cars and appliances at monsters all day long in a post apocalyptic world”. Not only does that title sound better, its far more accurate. I don’t understand the point of giving the MC all these “Spy”, “Assassin”, “Ninja” jobs when alls he does is throw cars and fridges using his item box. He supposedly picked “Ninja” because “this compliments my fighting style!”, how? Your fighting style is dropping stuff from your item box on monsters. Lame.  MC also has the healthy idea of “Nah man the smart thing to do is watch everyone around you die. No one can kill you if you’re the last one alive!”. Dude doesn’t even try to act like a member of the human race. There’s a reason humans live in societies and not by themselves, even neanderthals lived in groups. But our MC hasn’t even evolved to the point of being a neanderthal. You see he’s so much better than everyone else that he can’t possibly be bothered to join a group. He even goes out of his way to make sure to take every last piece of food so no one else can eat. At some point he says he just got 6-months worth of food from one store so what does he do? He starts going around to take all the food from all the stores in the town, because everyone else can starve to death so our lame MC can have 10 years worth of food all to himself. So hes a narcissistic too.  "Nah man thats what you should do in an apocalyptic world, you can only trust yourself man. You can't be around ANYONE else, they can all die!". <---- People who think that way are the ones who enjoy this manga.  So yeah, MC is an absolute loser. I can only imagine the person that thinks this type of MC is enjoyable. 

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