The Wilde Brothers

Alt titles: Omoigakenai Koi ni Ochite, The Dangerous Jacob Wilde, The Merciless Travis Wilde, The Ruthless Caleb Wilde

Vol: 3
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The Wilde Brothers

Addison is a busy professional in New York who inherited a large ranch in Texas from Charlie, the older man who’d been her boss and mentor, when he passed away. She turns to the Wildes, a well-known family in the area, for help with the ranch, and they suggest that she wait to meet the family’s youngest son, Jake. He’s lauded as a hero after returning from active combat in the military, and when Addison sees him at his welcome party, she can’t tear her eyes away. There’s a despair hidden in his gaze… Addison is entranced by Jake, but he thinks she’s just a tramp who cheated an old man out of his riches and treats her with contempt!

Source: Harlequin

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