The Wild Flower of the Palace (Novel)

Ch: 116+
2022 - ?
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The Wild Flower of the Palace (Novel)

It was supposed to be a loveless marriage. All Heon had to do was formally mardry Ryuha, a noblewoman, so he could continue living happily with his mistress. After their wedding night, Heon would never have to spend the night with Ryuha ever again—or so he thought. As a Crown Prince of the Taesa Empire, an arranged marriage was nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately for Heon, his bride was anything but average. Ryuha doesn't hesitate to chug full glasses of liquor, shed her own blood, or scoff right in the prince's face. At the same time, however, she manages to win over everyone in the palace, even the frosty Empress Dowager. Heon wants nothing more than to escape this hellish marriage, but Ryuha has even him wrapped around her finger, and no one else knows her secret personality. With no one able to resist her charismatic charm, just what kind of chaos will the bold new princess bring to the palace?

Source: Yonder

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