The Weight of Our Sky

Ch: 52
2019 - 2020
4.253 out of 5 from 84 votes
Rank #2,304
The Weight of Our Sky

A music-loving teen with OCD does everything she can to find her way back to her mother during the historic race riots in 1969 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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This webtoon honestly captivated the 1969 Kuala Lumpur Riots that took place in Malaysia really detailed. It isn't a easy read lemme tell you and there was quite a lot of intensity when it comes to seeing violence of a war. As well, seeing our FL Melati trying to find her nurse mother (btw she is honestly the best mama in the world, shout out to all the irl mum's including dad's who are nurses). She meets interesting people like Aunt Bee, her son's Vincent (pretty boy who has nice manners) & Frankie (Tsundere), Jay (The Happy chappy who cracks jokes) and the little girl (can't remember her name). This is definitely not for the faint hearted since Melati experiences hallucinations in terms of her anxiety/OCD. She copes with it by tapping her fingers three times to help her calm down. It relates to any of us when we are going through stressful times. It really shows that we all experience any type of anxiety like this and it's just a shame that back then in the 60s, you were put into a asylum as if you were a criminal for having outbursts. The webtoon also shows that in racial wars, no one is a winner. Yes we all have different backgrounds on where we grew up but killing the innocent is never the answer to prove that you're a "God". Btw if yall wanna read the webtoon, here is the link :- Please read it, it's so severely underrated like Hanna Al and Nisrina A.N. did such a fantastic job in creating this webtoon together.

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