The Wallflower

Alt title: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge♥

Vol: 36; Ch: 148
2000 - 2015
4.164 out of 5 from 1,532 votes
Rank #3,083
The Wallflower

Four gorgeous guys, one fabulous mansion and one challenge - turn the landlady's niece into a perfect lady and live rent free; fail and their rent will triple! Surely this task will be no problem for Ranmaru Mori, Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda and Yuki Tohyama, who are lauded as the princes of their high school and have girls dropping at their feet daily... right? The boys' dream of rent-free living comes crashing down when they meet Sunako Nakahara, the girl they must transform. Sunako has devoted her life to solitude, preferring the company of anatomy mannequins, horror movies and the darkened seclusion of her bedroom to the presence of the ‘dazzling creatures' that cause her to have violent nosebleeds. Flushing her out into the light might prove to be more than the boys can handle!

Source: Kodansha 

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This is one of the funniest shojo manga I have ever read. No word of a lie. And it has one of the cutest stories. All the guys, Ranmaru, Kyohei, Takenaga, and Yuki... well, they're gorgeous in a rather effiminate way. XD It's also a lot of fun to watch Sunako constantly drive them crazy with her refusal to do anything girly. I've read several chapters and had a big grin on my face throughout. However, the one critique I could have is that Sunako maybe took her rejection a little bit too hard, a little bit too... melodramatically. I've been rejected by guys before, but I didn't turn into some blanket-dwelling androphobe eating a tub of ice cream, tears dribbling down my face while I jealously watched a romantic comedy holed up in my room. (Well, maybe only one day.) Also, the art takes a really long time to get used to. All the guys, as I've said before, are gorgeous, but they look so effeminate that you could easily mistake them for girls before you get to know them. The anime has this in spades, making it so that every male character appears to be wearing a copious amount of make-up. But hey, it's a lot less toned down in the manga, and you will eventually get used to it. So, for those of us who derive a guilty pleasure from TV shows where girls with low self-esteem are finally given the means to embrace their beauty, this manga is a treat. There's a J-drama and an anime too, as I've mentioned, and both are very comedic and adorable, just as the manga is. ^^

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