The Voodooist's Wrathful Return

Alt title: Hoegwihaessneunde FFF Geup Budusulsa

Ch: 63+
2023 - ?
3.649 out of 5 from 400 votes
Rank #21,198
The Voodooist's Wrathful Return

Ma Jinsung was once a top-ranked player in Arsia Chronicle, but he was brutally killed by his trusted leader. After that, he thought he'd wake up in his room... not 10 years in the past! Now, prepared to exact his revenge, he jumps right back into the game. But this time, his job class is voodooist, and he gets bonuses for killing other players. The only downside is that if he dies in the game, he dies in real life. Can Jinsung get his revenge without causing too much carnage? Don't bet on it...

Source: Tapas

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