The Villain's Savior

Alt title: Agyeogui Guwonja

Ch: 87
2019 - 2021
3.854 out of 5 from 2,384 votes
Rank #9,678
The Villain's Savior

Set on a path to tragedy and misfortune from a young age, Aseph Randell is doomed to die a villain. That is, until the mysterious Elzay Tiathe appears in his life with a promise: "I can save you." After having vivid visions of him for so long, can Elzay untangle the twisted fate tied to Aseph... or will they both be dragged down together? 

Source: TappyToon

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First and foremost NOT FOR THE FEIENT OF HEART. Not only does this manga contain a lot of blood and violence some of which I am not ashamed to say had me looking away from it also has a very complex relationship. Oh the romance! The pictures are all so hauntingly beautiful. The emotions actually made me feel something. And the relationship was just so raw. There is something you need to understand going into this. A lot of people will try to tell you that this couple is unhealthy and honestly it kind of is. But that's one of the reasons it so beautiful and tragic in it's own way. The guy is pretty much a sociopath and defiantly yandere for the girl. The girl KNOWS he is a sociopath that is activitly ignoring it in favor of her own image and lying to him the whole time to boot. People like to talk about how the guy is psycho but honestly I think the girl's not all there either. They are both obsessed with each other to a harmful extent and it's worryingly sweet.  On one side the guy tries to manipulate her into staying with him because they have become somewhat co-dependent but, on the other side he would also do anything to see her smile. The girl KNOWS he was a murdering psycho in the book but still believes in the good in him because she loves him so much. To the people that will try to argue he is abusing her, she went into this relationship with eye's open. She read the book. She knows what he is capable of but, she continues to love him despite this because she is enamored by his character. I get if you don't get it. This isn't for everyone but for those that are open minded enough for a less then picture perfect romance this is for you. It's utterly breathtaking and I  promise you won't be disappointed.


I'm going to get straight to the point about what I dislike: The female lead Elzay Tiathe and the male lead Aseph Randell. Elzay is supposed to be from the 21st century. She was a regular girl reading a light novel and crying over a side character before she went to sleep and woke up in the body of a side character in the novel herself. After this it all goes downhill. Elzay acts like a fucking wimp. No joke she's pathetic and it hurts to see her like that because it makes me feel ashamed to be a woman. She's weak and sways between getting involved with Aseph vs not getting involved but she's also fucking dumb and lets him do whatever the fuck he wants with her. She also fails to change his horrible, abusive, manipulative personality and instead excuses ALL of his actions due to his horrible childhood. Elzay does not attempt to correct his personlaity in any way as he continues to secretly treat everyone like fucking trash except for Elzay and her father. Of course this shouldn't be secret at all, at least not to Elzay, right? Because she read the whole novel, she knows his character, which means she knows he's most likely abusing his servants and threatening people's lives and shit. But she never says or even THINKS about making him a better person and instead opts to coddle him and let him suck on his thumb. Aseph. Well I said it all, abusive, manipulative, creepy looking, fucking disgusting. He's the type of guy to cut you off from all your friends and family if he doesn't like them in order to isolate you and make you think you're his. JUST SAYING. He's a complete sociopath and a fucking psycho.

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