The Villainess Lives Again

Alt titles: Angnyeoneun Du Beon Sanda, The Villainess Lives Twice

Ch: 160+
2020 - ?
4.028 out of 5 from 2,739 votes
Rank #2,975
The Villainess Lives Again

From childhood, Artezia Rosan's happiness was dependent on ensuring the success of her brother. As a master manipulator and schemer, she became his most valuable ally in seizing the empire’s throne. That’s exactly why her brother's betrayal cut so deeply when Artezia was imprisoned as punishment for all of her crimes. Soon after being rescued by Grand Duke Cedric Ebron, she vows to help him overthrow the cruel new emperor by sacrificing her own life with forbidden magic. Now waking up several years earlier back in time, she will forsake her own family to help Cedric at all costs. They say that blood is thicker than water, but can Artezia destroy her brother while her own romance blossoms amidst the chaos?

Source: TappyToon

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I'm seeing a lot of very positive reviews here lol, which is nice. It's unfortunately not my thing though, and I only started reading it because of the reviews ;-; Plot The story in itself is fine. I would say it has a good structure and starting point. However, it goes wayyyyy too much into the political side of the story and I'm really not a fan of it. Why, you may ask? Because when a story focuses so much on the politics, there's no room for any other development. For example, the FL's revenge of her brother is mostly put on hold. Or not exactly put on hold but her way of revenge is like going around in a big circle instead of a straight line to her destination. Another thing it neglects is the romance. Quite honestly, the FL is more politically involved than she is involved in any way with the ML of this story which is a MASSIVE no go for me.  So, there were 2 things I was interested in:  1. the revenge (this was the most important thing for me especially after seeing that her own brother ordered that her freaking limbs and tongue all be chopped off, like seriously, that is just SO horrific) 2.  the romance (listen, the FL wasn't that great in her previous life but considering the circumstances she grew up in, you can't say she's completely evil. And now in her second life, I think she's really making up for everything. So she deserves some love and affection from someone don't you think?) The current story doesn't really satisfy either of those interests so that's why I'm dropping it at chapter 100. Art Art is great! The only thing that stood out to me was how the FL has like....3 different faces. No, not even 3, make it 2. She has "Goodness, my husband's making my heart beat uncontrollably OwO" and "-_-" which is.... not a lot to see. I wish the artist made the FL more expressive. It gets boring seeing the same face in literally every single panel y'know. Characters I have no issues with the characters really. If you want some spoilers on the ML, I can tell you he's very just, straightforward, and overall a very good person. Honestly, it's rare to come across MLs like him these days. Somehow, I do wish that perhaps he would be a little more...romantic but I feel like that could be FL's problem and not his because the FL is really not honest with her emotions most of the time. sighs. Conclusion Overall, the story is decent :) I can understand why some have found this manhwa to be particularly wonderful. But it lacks some things for me, and as someone else has mentioned, I suppose the pacing is also a little too slow. Or perhaps that's just because the author filled the page with unimportant things which made the chapters less useful/interesting . Anyway, I'd say give it a shot if you like seeing political stuff in manhwas like this.

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