The Villainess is Retiring

Alt title: Geunyang Agyeogeuro Salgetseumnida

Ch: 73+
2021 - ?
4.202 out of 5 from 1,890 votes
Rank #873
The Villainess is Retiring

After an office worker is reborn as Everia Oberon, a romance novel villainess destined for an evil life and a tragic death, she decides to skip the drama by retiring to the countryside. Having moved to a frigid region full of nonflammable wood, Everia calls on archmage Theoharis to warm her home with his azure flame… not realizing that she’s bound herself to a lifelong contract! Now that she’s master of a bloodthirsty (but breathtakingly handsome) demon dog, can she kiss the quiet life goodbye?

Source: Tapas

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If you want to sit back and relax as you watch a chill OP female protagonist acquire everything with the companionship of a sweet, handsome, OP male lead, this is the webtoon for you. The webtoon is very typical of an isekai manhwa - but with little drama (as of chapter 24). The protagonists are OP. FL is a transmigrator so she gets the cheat code knowledge. She's a really chill character and is quite clever so it's quite fun to watch her actions. ML is a powerful demon who is binded to FL because... only she knows his name as she's a transmigrator. FL gains the affection of everyone. The world bends for FL. This isn't exactly bad because the lack of challenges makes for a relaxing read, but it gets a bit boring after a while. ML is like a puppy with FL. He gets all blushy and flustered, but sometimes flirty. He's loyal only to FL and assists her with whatever she needs. FL is oblivious to what a demon needs. The "big secret" to ML's way to relieve desire other than seeing blood is revealed in Chapter 20. And then FL deals with it nonchalantly like a pro B^) I just feel like the relationship progresses way too fast, and the demon, an extremely OP being, submits way too easily. He literally acts like a dog. All the situations are written too conveniently to favour the FL. The art is good. The dog is cute, the FL is beautiful, the ML is handsome, etc.  Overall, it's a nice read, though at times the extraordinary favourable situations that FL gets is blatantly obvious.

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