The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady

Alt title: Angnyeojiman Yeojuingongi Doegetseumnida

Ch: 52+
2021 - ?
3.691 out of 5 from 249 votes
Rank #17,059
The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady

Reborn into a fantasy novel as a wicked character fated to meet an early demise, Minjoo - now Dahlia Margaret - has a lot on her plate right from the start. But at least she’s now free of her vicious high school bully, Sooyeon. Or is she? When Dahlia meets Flore, her estranged sister and the protagonist of the novel, she is shocked to find that the girl bears a suspicious resemblance to the classmate who tormented her. Now, driven by the desire to save her own life and also get revenge, Dahlia needs to make a powerful ally, and she has her eye on a handsome royal who just might be perfect for the job. However, a deal with this mysterious man might mean more than she bargained for...

Source: TappyToon

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Something is really off with this manhwa. It's not entirely bad, but it doesn't fit, doesn't feel fluid and for the most part even it even feels way too plain and simple. Just as if the story hasn't been thought through thoroughly. There are always a few things wrong in webtoons and this work has a few of them, although they're not so extreme that I wanna drop it instantly, but I always have "what? why? wtf?" floating in my mind while reading. The following few points are even common in manhwas, so I can't exactly point my finger to whatever is giving me that strong vibe. Maybe it's the mixture of them all? idiotic characters who don't fit in(MCs father, the scheming count, is pretty much always baffled and definitely not composed as you'd expect a charachter with such a setting) plots which are overly complicated and simple at the same time(like a certain incident with the carriage and the follow-up events. Why did no one notice? Why did no one suspect anything? Why not simply take another carriage and instead hiring those guys? Was it to not let the emperor know? Would it be THAT much of a problem for the archduke to explain the situation to the emperor? It's just way too obvious and both ML and FL had been artificially stupidified for this incident to happen) random scenes which feel out of place(Why did she drank that wine?)(additionally, "fox + excalibur" should suffice as a hint for those who read that far) "romance" which feels forced and rushed(campfire scene after excalibur scene. That was more cringy than romantic)

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