The Villainess Becomes a Mom

Ch: 97+
2022 - ?
3.223 out of 5 from 280 votes
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The Villainess Becomes a Mom

Reborn into a novel, Lulu Ekray knew that she was destined to become the villainess and that she would fall in love with the male protagonist, her obsession with him eventually leading to her execution. Nonetheless, she falls in love with Grand Duke Carlix Rochester anyway, but now, the obsessive one is him! After a night of passion, Lulu gets pregnant, but to avoid becoming the villainess, she decides to leave Carlix. But Lulu has no idea just what lengths Carlix will go to get her back!

Source: Tapas

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~Reviewed at chapter 25~ CONTAINS SPOILERS (Read at your own risk)  So the plot is good and it's similar to those many manhwas all about how the MC ends up as a villainess, tries to change her fate, wants to escape the ML and ends up falling in love. Except that this story has quite many flaws and some different concepts. Usually, the FL ARE obsessed with how things must go like in the novel but atleast the Male leads slowly fall for them and by the time they do AND confess, the FLs have gotten a glimpse of how things are not going according to the novel.  But in this story, the male lead is inexplicably in love with the FL. And the FL is so hell bent with her idea of wanting to leave the ML that knowing he loves her, she just keeps hurting him till the point that the ML is emotionally damaged by it.  Around chapter 3, you realise that the ML has turned into a yandere in love for the FL. He has literally gone mad because of her and yet she is like nah, he might leave me. Though he also has that little bit of sanity left in him. He doesn't really force her to do things and if he does, he apologises, except for the fact that he wants her back.  The plot is too fast paced. They were children, got introduced, they fell in love, made love, she was pregnant, FL saw the ML and goddess kissing, ran away, her daughter was already 5, ML found them, misunderstanding was kinda cleared. And now she has already decided to be with him though she still keeps having those nightmares and thoughts that he will leave her.  Ironically, both of them are afraid that the other person will leave them, ML's is more logical, FL's fear just feels frustrating. And it's a mess. And they can't even have a good talk. Though in FL's defense, there seems to be an invisible force stopping her from speaking about the novel's plot. And the frustrating part is that it's not explained properly what exactly she CAN say and what she CAN'T. Like can she tell him that she is afraid he will leave her for the goddess? And in all that, their child doesn't seem like a child, she feels more like the mother of the FL. Maybe it's related to the plot but with how dumb the FL is shown to be, it just feels frustrating to be reading the story from her POV. Like it feels like if she even just sees the goddess and the ML holding hands, she would try to run away again. I don't really get why the ML loves her as well. He just seems obsessed with her.  All in all, it seems.... unique (not in a way I would like) for the lack of a better word. 

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