The Villainess Became a Mother

Ch: 27+
2022 - ?
3.555 out of 5 from 117 votes
Rank #22,549
The Villainess Became a Mother

I was reincarnated as a villain in a novel. Jealous of the female lead, I committed all kinds of evil deeds only to be executed in the end. In order to escape from my fate, I decided to stay away from the male lead. However… “I think you’re pregnant…” No way. What the hell is going on! What do you mean pregnant, that isn’t even in the original story? To protect my child and my life, I ran away from the male lead, the father of my child. Then seven years later, “Who told you to run away as you please?” I didn’t expect the male lead to follow me to the end of the continent.

Source: NU

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