The Tyrant's Tutor

Alt title: Pokgunui Gajeonggyosaga Doegetseumnida

Ch: 83
2021 - 2022
3.165 out of 5 from 616 votes
Rank #35,172
The Tyrant's Tutor

Primabelle is astonished when she wakes up to find herself in a novel of her own creation as an obscure painter who gets killed by the male protagonist, Prince Rainsis. The world she created has not been kind to Rainsis. In addition to being colorblind, he has been shunned and feared his entire life, for a prophecy had been made that “the one trapped in a black and white world shall drench the empire in blood.” Primabelle resolves to disprove the prophecy after witnessing his misery firsthand. To do so, she must track down his destined other half. The only problem? All she knows about the fair beauty is that she has black hair and crimson eyes. Will Primabelle be able to help Rainsis see the world in all its splendid colors and find true happiness?

Source: TappyToon

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Art is fine, there were some weird jumps though around the end of chapter 1. Somehow the actual story feels different than what I remember on the promo, like instead of being a caring teacher for the ml, the fl instead is kinda dumb. If I remember correctly in the promo, the fl is trying to help the ml, in the actual manhwa she's staying because she doesn't want to die?  I have mixed feelings with this and it's just chapter 1. The story within the story was good until the mc (author of original) decided to insert romance, after the male lead kills his father as a form of revenge for abandoning him because of a curse that was meant for him. For turning down a rose, the king who is obsessed with beauty was cursed with something that is black and white but will stain the kingdom red. The one who got the curse was the prince, he's color blind and the king decided to remove him out of his sight and his decision bit him in the ass. After the prince painted his black and white world with red (blood) the author mentions a female lead that will remove the curse, allowing the prince to see color. Is what was supposed to happen until author gets isekaid into her own story and as a side character nontheless. I think things like the orig story point out what's the problem with these types of story. Romance is added even when its not necessary, best route to the orig plot is not to have romance at all but if the author insists for romance there couldve been a better approach. Like instead of having the mc and fl meet after the end it could happen before he completely sets his mind for revenge, and instead of having the ml see color, make it so that he appreciates beauty even in a black and white world, art is not all about color after all. There's beauty in everything, even in black and white.  It's just chapter 1 and it got me thinking a lot. 

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