The Tyrant's Only Perfumer

Alt title: I Became The Sole Perfumer of A Tyrant

Ch: 90
2021 - 2023
3.742 out of 5 from 1,306 votes
Rank #16,053
The Tyrant's Only Perfumer

A young woman sick with an incurable illness closes her eyes for the last time, only to wake up as Ariel Winston, an antagonist of the novel she had loved reading before her death. Knowing that death lies before her if she continues down the path the real Ariel has been going towards, she quickly breaks up with Duke Cedric Evans, who is not only the protagonist of the novel, but a man who is cursed with a condition which causes him to become bloodthirsty when he does not smell a specific scent constantly. However, Cedric, who had been forced to date Ariel due to her status as his personal perfumer, suddenly seems reluctant to distance himself from her. Just what is wrong with this man, and how will this change the events of the novel? Will Ariel be able to live the life she wants?

Source: Lezhin

Includes 3 epilogue chapters.

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Story : The plot itself is fun to read as a light-read, but its certainly not perfect. It certainly reminds me of "The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes" where the MC transmigrated and uses their so called speciality there and basically makes people in awe. But with the plot holes here and there.. im quite irked haha. The MC basically doesnt have to do anything much, bcs the oh so godly author hand will always help her w something new lmao. That's what makes me feel that the story itself is pretty frustrating. The plot doesnt seem well-planned, and new people keeps suddenly jump in to help the MC. Well at least we can appreciate the comedy in here tho, it's fun. Art : Sigh.. the art truthfully is pretty good. But i keep seeing some problems here and there.. but tbh i really dont hv any comment except that. Characters : Oh here we go, the most frustrating part. Let's just keep it simple w the points : - MC : oh the most problematic one. MC's character here is.. i must say, very very shallow. She's your typical "strong" MC, but well.. she doesnt seem to be so to me. - ML : i personally thought he'll be at least a little interesting at first, but now he doesnt even fulfill half of my expectation. He's your typical cool guy who doesnt have a clue about how he actually feels for the MC. Yes, your typical "oh im gonna make you frustrated with my cluelessness, but im cool so u wont hate me" ML.. - Enemies : wow hello, the enemies here makes me feel so nostalgic lmao. They keep reminding me of sailor moon or sm child anime, where the evil guy keeps making problems for MC but the problems itself r just so useless and with MC's so called power, they outpowered the evil guy. But even tho the evil guy keeps failing, they somehow keeps making problems for the MC. That basically summarizes the enemies here lmao. - Side characters : somehow i keep feeling bad for the side characters in this manhwa.. you can see that even tho they can be pretty good sidekick, they never get some spotlight. They're just there to help MC, that's all. And i feel super bas for the dad bcs after MC got their own shop, he's gone.. mayb forever lmao. ((Kinda spoilery : and u see the flower shop guy? Wow, he really turned from "im gonna help you without expecting anything" guy to "wow i fell in love with you" guy without any explanation whatsoever lmao.)) Should you read this? Well.. suit yourself. But tbh its better to just read smth else.. but if u domt rlly care abt plotholes or anything like that and just want to enjoy some comedy, i think this manhwa is pretty good for u. <3

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