The Tutorial Is Too Tough!

Alt titles: The Tutorial Is Too Hard, Tutorial Neomu Eoryeopda

Ch: 162+
2021 - ?
3.929 out of 5 from 1,889 votes
Rank #6,200
The Tutorial Is Too Tough!

Lee Hojae had given up his life as a pro gamer, until one day he received a mysterious message: “Congratulations! You’ve been invited to the Tutorial World.” Intrigued, he enters the game and confidently chooses “hell” difficulty, but soon learns that he is trapped there. With a mere 0.01% survival rate, Hojae must somehow overcome the game’s agonizing challenges to figure out the real reason he was invited. This tutorial may be tough, but its secrets are what’s truly hellacious.

Source: Tapas

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Nice webtoon About Lee Hojae, a former pro gamer who gets invited to a game's tutorial and chooses Hell difficulty but... it's really like Hell. So he must find a way to survive until the last floor! It's quite psychological : about leveling up/getting stronger, not dying, giving up. And there are mysteries like the reason he was invited, the reason gods are a certain way, what happened on earth, etc...  With that, there is a bit of comedy, not too much thankfully. I should tell you something before you reach chapter 42: In the promo / chapter 0, they tell you Lee Hojae is stuck and needs someone with Hell difficulty to join him at his floor so he can go further but they don't talk about that character until chapter 42... (and they are bad at introducing her after so long so I'll explain a bit) In fact, in the webtoon you were supposed to see him in the past (what you're reading) and him in the present thinking and helping the girl reach higher floors (what you'll start to see at ch42). It's a really bad adaptation for now since we've been missing on her character development since the start but depending on how the webtoon turns out, it can be a nice addition to the webtoon (which didn't have enough characters for so long). For now I skipped these chapters since I'm not sure how it'll turn out (don't feel like getting spoiled) but if the adaptation is good, then I'll read them later. The drawings are sometimes good, but there are many imperfections. I consider it bad personally but that may be too harsh since many things are enjoyable to look at. I 100% recommend it for the psychological aspect, the action scenes and the leveling up process!

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