The Third Party

Ch: 63
2017 - 2018
3.845 out of 5 from 325 votes
Rank #10,168
The Third Party

A rich and beautiful girl, and the heiress to the GBS broadcasting center. A handsome aspiring news anchor with limitless ambitions. A gorgeous backstage producer with a secret. Three people with different goals and desires. 

Source: Lezhin

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To enjoy this Manhwa in Mystic opinion is like to be in your youth days where adorable interactions make you feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach. When you are tired from the deep or complicated plots, this one should do the trick if you follow the advice above.Now some people will be turned off because one of the protagonist is a womaniser, but there is a reason for her behavior. That will not be revelead for a long time so keeping an open mind is advised especially with these sort of characters and especially genre since you are reading yuri which if you have not heard, usually has a lot of sexual content.Storywise, it feels like there could be more opportunity for this Manhwa to explore, but never bothered for some unknown reason. It mat have limited itself to keep the stakes low because if there is a complication, there is usually a quick fix for it. The pacing is very slow that it takes about 40 chapters or something to reveal the goal of the other MC so patience is a must. With regards to characters, same issue as storytelling in which they could have had more roles to play, yet the author might have wanted to keep it simple so opportunity lost or be thankful the author did not ruin some of your charcters - so whichever outlook you choose is entirely up to you or even come up with your own. Characters may not be relateable, but as mentioned to another reviewer, writers are more entitled to tell a story, and connecting to the reader takes second place.Art... Well, you do not need to wait long for an answer. IT IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and has a gentle art style. Not a professional in art so the would appreciate if any of you know the art. As usual, it switches to those chibi moments to which as Mystic said is its selling point.Overall, great for teens to look into or those who want no part of a grotesquely laid out plot. Ending is anticlimactic or open ended which may turn off those who do not prefer said ending. Definitely reminded of Pulse, though have yet to finish it.This womaniser has her gentle side if you are patient ;P

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