The Tenth Dish

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The Tenth Dish

Every night, the distressed and frightening sound of a girl counting dishes echoes throughout the Aoyama residence located in the renowned Ushigome-Gomon part of the old capital of Edo. The tale of this fearsome place begins with the residence's master, a lascivious and ne'er-do-well individual, his jealous wife, and Kiku, the young and attractive girl that becomes indentured to this household. It doesn't take long for the master to make a play for Kiku. One day, however, Kiku is unfairly blamed for breaking a dish treasured as an Aoyama heirloom, and is made to pay the ultimate price. However, the nights to follow would be disrupted with the sounds of Kiku looking for that certain dish...

Source: G2Comix

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