The Telepathic Consort

Alt titles: Du Xin Kuang Fei Ging Tian Xia, Mind-Reading Princess

Ch: 161+
2019 - ?
3.536 out of 5 from 207 votes
Rank #21,918
The Telepathic Consort

Chu Xiyao, a woman scorned and thoroughly humiliated, was reborn and given a new life. This time, she was determined to love those who deserved it and avenge herself. She began to look at her family and everyone else with a new set of eyes. Soon, she realized that many conspiracies had been taking place under her very nose and she canceled her wedding to the jerk she had married in her past life. In fact, she ended up being betrothed to a crippled prince instead. However, there was something different about this prince…

Source: Bilibili Comics

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