The Summit of the Gods

Alt title: Kamigami no Itadaki

Vol: 5; Ch: 47
2000 - 2003
3.93 out of 5 from 70 votes
Rank #6,179
The Summit of the Gods

With what may be Mallory’s camera found and lost, photographer Fukamachi delves deeper into the life of the mysterious character Bikha Sanp – the “Venomous Snake” - convinced that he is, in reality, the legendary mountaineer Jouji Habu. The more he digs the more he reveals of the lives of both Habu and his constant nemesis Tsuneo Hase as they each struggle against their own limitations and the perceived achievements of the other. It is a tale of obsession to succeed, to be the first – always. But as he penetrates the darkness of these men’s psyches he finds himself being laid bare and bound to the mountain in this raw human drama.

Source: Ponent Mon

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