The Strongest Florist

Alt title: Kkonman Kiuneunde Neomugangham

Ch: 119+
2020 - ?
4.261 out of 5 from 938 votes
Rank #4,131
The Strongest Florist

Even though he’s built like a fighter with a fearsome scowl, Jaeho would love nothing more than to become a florist instead. Unfortunately, Jaeho’s overbearing father disapproves, pushing his son to become an MMA fighter instead. Jaeho enters the virtual reality game, New World, to escape his father’s ambitions, but will he be able to realize his dreams?

Source: Webtoon

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You know. In this kind of manga it isn't about the story or the game breaking development or anything but the protagonist becoming overpowered while he wants to relax. And until now, the manga has perfectly achieved that! Art is good (maybe it's just me, but i just like webtoon art way more most of the time instead of small manga blocks where you can't even see what really is happening), it's better than trash art webtoons (rich player) and around good webtoons (dungeon reset) in art style.  Characters are decent enough for this specific genre. I am talking about the "not good enough to remember for a long time, but good enough to read again after 3 months because you forgot the story a bit and it looks cool." Dad is a stereotype, protagonist is a stereotype, 'mate/girl he needs to have around' box has also been checked off. Basically it's like every webtoon in this kind of series (I am destined for greatness, Solo login, The former top 1s sub-character training diary etc.) Story is basically like every OP hyper realistic vr game story ever. Quests are generated by an AI so everything is not preprogrammed (That basically only means that he can get OP with the help of the system and avoiding a lot of plot holes for why he is so OP from the start.)He does something crazy in the beginning of the story or gets a legendary class/becomes OP. AI seems to favor this guy tremendously because he "doesn't play like others". That basically means he is exploring what he wanted to do in the real world or what he always wanted to do in an hyper realistic vr game. It also means he doesn'tg give a shit about core gameplay and focusses only on 1 random subject. (Reader, Leveling up by only eating, I stack experience through writing books, The pay to win bigshot and Rich player, overgeared and probably more do exactly the same in the premise of the story) All in all nothing new storywise but a fancy makeover on a genre. And that was exactly what i was looking for. Yes, a new "I will always remember this story and the characters! It even looks good!" Would've been nice. But sometimes you just want to read something you've read before, just in a new wrapping. Plus this genre is kind of new, so a lot of manga will have weekly updates, as they are also all quite new ones.

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