The Story of Hua Yan (Novel)

Vol: 7; Ch: 833
2018 - 2019
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The Story of Hua Yan (Novel)

​The crowned prince, Yun Chi was picking his wife, and he picked the Hua family’s youngest daughter Hua Yan. The moment that news came out, it broke all of the girls’ hearts that lived in the capital. It is said that the eldest prince was able to read poetry at the age of 3, martial arts at the age of 7, understand the world of adults at the age of 10, surpasses all the students in tests at the age of 15, works on the country’s political problems at the age of 16, very educated, very strong, so handsome, there’s no one you could possible compare him to. Hua Yan felt like a free pancake fell on her head. From now on, she had to fight the entire world for this man? Hell no! How will Hua Yan leave this engagement?

Source: NU

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