The Star and the Hedgehog

Alt titles: Hoshi to Harinezumi, Star and Hedgehog

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2017 - 2018
3.993 out of 5 from 552 votes
Rank #3,631
The Star and the Hedgehog

Ikumi Chiba is home for the summer from Tokyo, where he goes to university. Upon returning, Ikumi meets one of the gardeners who works in his family's yard, Harukiyo. Although Harukiyo looks tough and confident at first glance, Ikumi discovers that he is actually quite quiet and shy... Or maybe he is talkative and friendly, and he just doesn't like Ikumi!? They say 20% of the people in the world won't like you... Has Ikumi met his match?! Or maybe there's another reason why Harukiyo acts that way?!

Source: futekiya

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