The Sound of Sugar Cubes

Alt title: Gakseoltang Sori

Ch: 79
2018 - 2019
3.437 out of 5 from 24 votes
Rank #15,356
The Sound of Sugar Cubes

An orphan, Hanyul didn’t have much in life but a dream to become a singer. That is, till he saw his best friend mercilessly murdered by someone he looked up to. Harold. Popular. Perfect. Psychopath. And rich enough to cover his tracks. On the run, Hanyul quits high school, changing his name with every new job he scrambles together. When a famous singer hears his voice and offers a chance at revenge, one question remains: can he sing?

Source: Tapas

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I don't know why, but I just couldn't go normally or love that Hanyul and Weon ship. I, myself, feel a bit weird. The story ended like... what should I say...?? yeah, more like weird way; why couldn't the author show Dolph's awakening? Why couldn't Hanyul at least be a little friendly towards Harold? AND, what the hell did that cliffhanging ending mean?? I can't seem to understand or even try to go along the story. For me, the story's ending was crapped up; hated the ending. Just the last few words, The sound of sugar cubes, were amazing, Hanyul didn't give up and blah blah...  Anyway, from what I saw or hoped from the cover, at that time I felt like, wow, what a nice story, gotta read this. And honestly, I read this manga within 2 days! Because maybe I had a lot of free time or maybe because boring things are not too long for me. eh.  Soooo, to wrap it up, (i always tell to or not to recommend the material) if you like drama, betrayal, and friendloss, love triangles, or hard love, then this is good for you; a very sad one. The main character coudn't come to choose his lover; either Harold, weon or Dolph. But I guess hanyul never had romantic feelings for Dolph, right? Because (you'll know if you have read it) hanyul always had tragic feelings; couldn't protect him, at that time he ran away to the police, instead of facing Harold :( And for the hanyul/weon ship, I think, think, very hard, that I would go with BOTH, MAN!! OOF!! This is incredibly hard to choose: Hanyul/Weon or Hanyul/Harold. Both are okay, I guess... just hanyul didn't like Harold even if he saved his life a lot of times; from weon and suicide. I never hated Harold but what he did to Dolph might not be true; cuz I think, maybe Dolph accidentally fell down from the cliff or either the bullies threw him?... ok... -...-  I'm not bad-mouthing the manga, neither the author's plot, just saying that the art was black and white, oof. However, the story was good. I always catch up with the story and end up liking it. So, here it is.

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