The Silent Concubine

Alt titles: Mute Slave, Ya Nu

Ch: 122
2020 - 2022
3.793 out of 5 from 502 votes
Rank #11,461
The Silent Concubine

The Prince of Commander of the North has a crush on the daughter of the Shen family, and wants to take their daughter as a concubine. In order to give his adoptive mother a better life in her old age, the mute, male servant Shen Yu conceals his gender and takes the place of the daughter to be sent to Prince of Commander of the North, Jun Xuanxiao. Shen Yu is afraid that once his identity is found he will lose his life, but to his surprise, he attracts the attention of Jun Xuanxiao...

Source: Webcomics

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For those in the CH 30s that are debating on whether to keep reading - keep going! When I was first reading I almost cried from the pain and angst - the story has a VERY rough start as MC's circumstances raised him into a gary sue. It was painful to watch him emotionally tortured and the ML was the very definition of toxic masculinity. I say "was" however, because after that arc there IS quite a lot of character development from both MC and ML surprisingly. It was actually more growth than I expected from both of them, and I kept expecting them to fall back into their old ways. The second half of the manhua actually depicts a totally different cover picture where Shen Yu (MC) is holding a leash around a kneeling ML's neck xD so don't worry! I think people will find a lot of satisfaction in the redemption and revenge arc because I was also so infuriated by the first part of the manhua.  I wrote this review at CH.100 and will update once I finish catching up. The art is pretty good and the fan translation is legible. This series is good for readers that are interested in angst and/or wife-chasing crematorium genre. I rated the story a 7 because I still need to see the direction it develops in, although right now it is going in a satisfying direction. We love character growth and I'm very proud of Shen Yu for finding his strength. UPDATE: I have finished the series and can confirm the character growth is indeed growth and there is a happy ending!

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