The Sichuan Cuisine Chef and His Valiant Babes of Another World - Custom lists

The Sichuan Cuisine Chef and His Valiant Babes of Another World
  • A Collection of Peculiar Happenings
  • A Big Shot In The Imperial Palace
  • A Basic B's Guide to Stealing a Man’s Heart
  • 404 Case Manual: 30 Seconds Till Apocalypse
  • 18 Going On 25

Bilibili Comic Exclusives by AnnaSartin

These manhua originals and adaptations were created with the support of Bilibili exclusively for their massive webcomic site. This list was made to clearly differentiate these webtoons from the many other titles on Bilibili's...

  • After Ten Millennia in Hell
  • Ability Stealing Hunter
  • A Beginner with the Mightiest Account
  • 2-shuume Boukensha wa Kakushi Class (Juuryokutsukai) de Saikyou wo Mezasu
  • +99 Reinforced Wooden Stick

System Based Webtoon by Alex2701

This list contains Manhwa and Manhua where the MC’s have Game-, Level- or Evolution-like Displays. This includes reincarnated, summoned or VR Game MC‘s.

  • 101 Lovers Pet
  • 100% Perfect Girl
  • 36 Arts of Husband Cultivation: Fight me, Hubby! Come on, Honey!
  • 27 College Street
  • 18 Going On 25

Officially translated manhua by Bilibili Comics by Meron

This is a list of manhua published in English by Bilibili Comics. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully published in English.