The Second Coming of Gluttony

Alt title: Tamsigui Jaerim

Ch: 46
2019 - 2020
4.083 out of 5 from 2,734 votes
Rank #2,148
The Second Coming of Gluttony

At the brink of death on an otherworldly battlefield, Jihoo Seol is granted the chance to relive his life. But all magic has its limits, and Seol only retains a few fragments of the man he will become. Memories of a future he has yet to live manifest in sporadic dreams and magic grants him unearned luck. When his magic fails, Seol's life takes a turn for the worse. Desperate and alone, he's approached by a mysterious woman with an offer that will change his life forever. Will his dreams be enough to save him from the horrors that lie ahead?

Source: Tapas

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Unlike everyone who wrote a review here about this manhwa, i wrote this review after the manhwa finished adapting "Season 1" so if you want a complete review of the manhwa read here. I'm sure everyone knows that this is a manhwa based off of the highly acclaimed novel; this review will mostly me ranting about how garbage of an adaptation this was to the source material. If this manhwa was an original i would've rated it higher considering how unique it is compared to the other manhwa's i have read, but because this was a adaptation, and rather quite shitty one, i rated it pretty low.  First off, the story. Although it was unique, it was garabage and extremely rushed especially in the later chapters. I won't go in depth with the story because it's much easier to read the manhwa especially considering how short and little explaination goes in with the manhwa. If you want a enjoyable read of the story or if it might seem interesting and unique (which it is) please go read the source material, the novel. They skipped over half the dialouge and explainations to the story that half the time, you don't know wtf is happening. And in the later chapters, the skipped about 3/4 of the content in the novel. They skipped almost all the actions and fight scenes, 90% of all the character development, world building, and the power system. The story overall is extremely rushed and it's much better to read the source material instead.  The art isn't that bad but if you compare it to modern day manhwa's and other art style such as Solo leveling, it lacks in so many ways. Considering how rushed the story was, they should've at least made the art enjoyable to look at right? No, it was pretty bad and ugly. But tbh, its the best part of this series.  The characters, like i said in the beginning, is extremely rushed and bland. the manhwa showed little to no character development on any of the side characters. The Mc is the only one they remotely dived into considering character development; and even then, compared to the novel, it was extremely little and bare minimum. All the characters are one-dementional and like i said so many times, read the novel. Overall it's a trash adaptation considering how wonderful of a novel it is. Every area is lacking and if you think you might love to read the novel story then i recommend to start at the beginning of the novel if not then at least start within chapter 35 of the novel because that's the point in the manhwa they skipped 90% of literally Everything. If not and you just want to read the LN after the manhwa then start at around chapter 45. 

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