The Rise of the Prodigy Surgeon

Alt titles: Da Yi Lingran, The Making Of A Miraculous Doctor

Ch: 254+
2020 - ?
3.951 out of 5 from 364 votes
Rank #5,283
The Rise of the Prodigy Surgeon

Ran Ling, who aspires to become the world's greatest doctor, suddenly activates the "system"! Little does he know, it's a system with a plethora of medical expertise! What kind of medical heights can Ran Ling, a mere trainee, obtain with the help of the system?

Source: Tapas

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This remains one of the best doctor mangas I've ever read. Different from other ones, our MC doesn't become good when her gets the system, he was already a dedicated and talented student before. The first thing this guy did when he got the sister was run medical tests on himself to verify if it was real, seriously, the whole shbang. You can feel his love or surgery and medicine throughout the whole story, and the system only enhances that. The way they deliver the medical knowledge to you is easy to understand Anne not overbearing. The art is good, and i especially like the bits of comedic relief or cute bite where the characters become chibi like, it really adds to the vibe. The characters aren't just background fodder. We get to see how our MC grows Anne how that affects not only him but everyone around him.  The way we see his progress through the styles of operations changing is simply too good.  The MC is very clueless to anything that doesn't have to do with surgery to a point where it becomes funny. He's loyal to his friends and doesn't give a crap or doesn't even notice his enemies, too busy doing operations. Even with his cluelessness he ends up making friends along the way. The way the system operates is also really nice, it doesn't just give him everything Anne makes him OP. It gives him small things that he has to work hard to get. And I like that it's nothing mystical, the sister rewards him with things that will make him better at his job, medical knowledge, no magic legendary equipment bullcrap. If you want a medical manga genuienely about medicine, with a determined MC, then this is for you. 

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